Business Coach, Mentor & Consultant

Every so often we need the ‘space’ to focus on an important project, to take stock of where we are going, or to find a new set of solutions to some old problems.

I’m Pearse and as a business coach, mentor and consultant, I work with business owners, entrepreneurs and managers to provide that ‘space’ in which they can comfortably innovate, explore, plan and develop a structure for moving things forward—and always with a focus on profitability.

Background & Experience

My background in design and marketing informs a unique creative and collaborative approach to problem-solving and meeting the needs of clients.


My training in business management has armed me with a valuable range of models for scoping business environments, strategising and managing people and finances.


My experience in working with private sector, social enterprise and public sector organisations across a range of industries (that includes information technology, education, design, agriculture, electronics, finance, media, entertainment and software) has given me a wealth of insight and knowledge that I happily share with each new business I encounter.


Start-up companies have provided me with the most valuable as well as the craziest, most extreme, most difficult and most enjoyable work-related experiences. As forerunners in new technologies, product development and new ways of working, they continue to provide learning and opportunities that I can apply to all businesses that want to innovate and progress. I love working with start-ups!

How I Work

The business planning framework with which I work most is the ‘Lean Startup Framework‘.  A ‘breath of fresh air’ when compared to more traditional business planning models, Lean was originally designed with software start-ups in mind.


This framework (in combination with aspects of Design Thinking and Scrum project management) is a very effective and productive tool for a wide range of businesses and projects. It offers great flexibility when planning yet provides structure and efficiency to the process of establishing or scaling a business or project. And, as a framework, it allows for other business management models to be used concurrently.


When COACHING, I use the Lean framework to ‘frame’ one-on-one sessions with a client. I focus on encouraging, inspiring and motivating a client to achieve a particular goal within an agreed-upon time-frame. [More on coaching…]


When MENTORING, I use Lean and other frameworks for modelling businesses or projects. At workshops or programmes, I provide information to an individual or group on how these frameworks might work best for them. [More on mentoring…]


When CONSULTING, I provide a range of business services as a contractor, and often as a collaborator, working mostly in strategy development and marketing. I use the above frameworks as problem-solving tools and for setting up and managing projects.


Examples of projects I have worked on to follow.

Areas of Work

  • Product and Service Development and Innovation
  • Customer Identification, Development and Validation
  • Market Research, Industry Research and Competitor Analysis
  • Achieving Product-Market Fit
  • Building a Team
  • Business and Marketing Planning
  • Presentation Skills and Pitching to Investors


For further information on any of the above, please contact me at:

T. 086 284 1114 / +353 86 284 1114 | E. info@