Business Coaching

Encouraging, inspiring and motivating you to achieve your business goals.

Business coaching helps you achieve a goal within a specific period of time.


It involves a series of one-to-one meetings based on:

  • exploring how best your goal might be realistically achieved,
  • identifying and overcoming the barriers to your progress and
  • setting specific tasks for achieving your goal.


Business coaching is for anyone who wants to achieve a targetdevelop an idea or learn a skill. It offers the opportunity—in a supportive, confidential and progressive environment—to focus on and prepare for an impending event or challenge such as:


  • making a presentation
  • starting a new business
  • testing a new business idea
  • starting a new project
  • making a career change
  • hitting sales, marketing or customer development targets
  • developing your network or networking skills
  • learning to think more strategically


Coaching offers and operates within a framework and so, as a starter, I recommend a minimum of three fortnightly sessions of 90 minutes each. I acknowledge that people and projects have different requirements and so it is always possible to work according to a client’s specific needs.

For further information on Business Coaching, please contact me at:
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Groups & Teams Mentoring

I mentor to groups at innovation workshops, start-up programmes and hackathons by providing on-site support and practical help with business modelling, marketing and customer development.

Mentoring Individuals

I mentor individual business people with whom I have developed strong relationships over the years. In this capacity I act as a ‘sounding board’ for ideas and strategies. In looking out for them and their businesses I help identify opportunities and challenges as well as useful connections and resources.

For further information on Mentoring, please contact me at:
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